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Mike Guillou

Mike Guillou

Referee Assignor

Phone: 612-709-0137



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USSF's Advice to Referees - June 2012 Advantage Update

Referee Requirements

Registration for new referees will open either in November or December and entry level clinics will be sometime in the late winter/early spring.  More info to be posted once the State Referee Committee has updated their website for the 2016 info.

If you would like to ref for REV Soccer Club, you must complete the following (select the tabs on the left for more details on each step):

  1. Complete the referee certification through the Minnesota SRC.
  2. Create a GameOfficials account, join the REV group, and update "My Preferences."
  3. Completed the concussion training within the past three years and send Mike a copy.
  4. If you are 18 or older, complete the MYSA background check (note that this is an annual requirement based on the soccer year, September to August)
  5. Set up GOPay through GameOfficials

To register for league games and/or for the REV-It-Up tournament, please select the league or torunament under the "League/Tournament Preferences" on the "My Preferences" in GameOfficials.

Congratulations to the following REV Referees:

Lauren Selby - Attended the 2015 US Youth Soccer Region II Championships in Appleton, WI.  Lauren was assigned to the GU13 Championship Game.

Steven Shidla - Upgrade to Grade 6

Connor McGahn - Upgrade to Grade ST7

Riley Swenson & Katie Carlson - Attended the SRC Referee Academy at NSC in May 2015.  Riley & Katie were part of the first all female referee crew at a SRC Academy event.

Michael Anderson, Marissa Guillou, Riley Swenson & Ben Gutierrez  - Selected to attend 2015 US Youth Soccer ODP Region II Showcase in Rockford, IL in July 2015.

Entry Level Ref Info

For more information on the steps to become a ref, please refer to the MN State Referee Committee website.

Mentoring - On The Field Training

REV does host on the field training.  These sessions are not part of the SRC certification process, but do provide valuable experience for the referees before the season starts.  These training sessions are free and the class size is limited.  If you are interested, please use the contact information on the left panel to e-mail Mike Guillou  with the session info to reserve your spot.  

Beginner - Intermediate - These sessions are targeting referees with 0 to 2 years experience.  The consists of an hour of classroom training and then refereeing and/or assistant refereeing 8v8 scrimmages.  Please wear your referee uniform.  If you are a new referee and have not purcased your uniform yet, please wear a yellow t-shirt, black shorts and black socks.

  • No sessions currently scheduled.  Please check back.

Intermediate - Advanced - These sessions are targeting referees with 1-3 plus years of experience.  The training will consist of 1 1/2 hours of classroom training and then refereeing 11v11 scrimmages.   

  • No sessions currently scheduled.  Please check back.

Advanced - REV is teaming up with other south metro clubs to offer advanced mentoring.  These sessions are targeting referees with 3 plus years of experience.  Sessions will include classroom and scrimmages.  The classroom sessions are approximately once a month in the off season and will include different guest speakers.  If you are interested in participating in the advanced mentor group, please e-mail Mike.

Respect Our Referees

The ROR program is an active campaign designed to make a better environment for our referees. It is a result of a brainstorming session by the Minnesota State Referee Committee as we looked for ways to fix what had become a sometimes toxic environment for soccer referees in Minnesota. We have found that a large majority of inappropriate behavior is towards referees who are minors. This program's goal is to create awareness that referees should always be treated with respect and dignity, to ensure the youth soccer environment is enjoyable for everyone.

We want to educate the soccer community on the challenges that soccer officials face, not just in terms of the environment they work in, but also the way they go about making decisions and the basics of the rules of the sport. Ultimately, all we ask is for patience. Since most of our referees are young and inexperienced, they are trying to learn the trade. Being a referee is not an easy job. With your help, we can retain many of these referees so they can get better, and maybe along the way, we'll recruit one or two of you to join our ranks!

Link to Online Courses:

College Essay on Youth Refereeing

The Maryland State Referee site has posted a copy of an essay written by a young referee for her college application. It's a particularly thoughtful essay because it not only recognizes and criticizes the inappropriate behavior of spectators at youth matches, but also talks about how she overcame her fears to learn to love officiating.

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