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2014-'15 Uniforms

Justin Voth

Justin Voth

REV Uniform Coordinator

Phone: 651-246-0581

Always include PLAYER'S NAME and TEAM ID (i.e., GU13C2) when inquiring about uniforms.

Soccer.com logo

Click to visit the Dakota REV order page on soccer.com

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your club uniforms or product, please contact a Eurosport Team Representative at 1-877-308-7989
or E-mail at custserv@sportsendeavors.com

REV Uniform Colors

White = Home, Primary
Black = Away

When jersey color becomes an issue between two teams, MYSA states:

"In the case of conflicting uniform color (as determined by the referee), the home team must change to an alternate color."

Managers should assign uniforms for each game, followed by a rule that all players have all 3 alternate pieces in their soccer bag at every game. No exceptions.

Players should use a gallon Ziploc bag to keep alternate pieces clean and dry in their soccer bag. 

Use of Dakota REV Name and Logo

Dakota REV reserves the use of its name and logo for the use of the Club and its teams. Please refer to the Dakota REV Identity Guidelines for information on use of the Dakota REV name and logo.

Uniform Fittings and REVWear

Sunday, December 8, 2013
3:00-6:00 PM
Irish Sports Dome, 13901 S Robert Trl, Rosemount Directions

Uniform samples and REVwear available for fittings. Please stop by the dome if you still need to try on uniforms.

Questions, Email Lisa

New Uniform Kit for 2014-2015 Seasons

Beginning Fall '13, U11-U14 players will be required to order the new 2014-15 Uniform kit to be worn for the fall season through summer '15. Orders will be a quick turn-around and will need to be placed soon after team formations are announced in early August.

U9-U10 Fall '13 players will receive a simple uniform to be worn for the Fall season and are not required to purchase a uniform kit at this time. U9-U10 Fall '13 players that continue with the club into summer '14 will be required to purchase the new uniform kit.

Please check back for more information on ordering the new uniform kit.


Field players are required to purchase a REV uniform kit. The six-piece kit includes:

  • 2 - adidas Toque 13 Jersey  (1 white & 1 black)
  • 2 - adidas Tiro 13 Short  (1 white & 1 black)
  • 2 - adidas Copa Zone Sock  (1 white & 1 black)
  • Additional socks are recommended but not required
  • The six-piece uniform kit will range in price from $116 for youth sizes, $126 for adult sizes (+ shipping).
  • Use PROMO CODE 1SHIP399 for $3.99 Flat Rate Shipping on orders of $99 or more



  • Goalkeeper jerseys are available for $43-57


  • An optional grey practice jersey is available for about $20 (+shipping).  Practice jerseys may be a team decision or purchased individually..



  • Soccer.com is Dakota REV's online uniform provider.
  • Each family is responsible for ordering their own player(s) uniform(s), warm-ups and backpacks.
  • Use PROMO CODE 1SHIP399 for $3.99 Flat Rate Shipping on orders of $99 or more
  • Your order will be shipped directly to you.
  • Uniform orders are no longer coordinated by team managers. However, team managers will be responsible for ensuring that each player on the team places their order by the deadline.

Uniform Questions/Issues? Go through your Team Manager

  • Parents with uniform questions: Please DO NOT Email Justin directly.  Instead, contact your team manager with your uniform questions/concerns.
  • Managers, please compile a list of requests and questions that you can forward to Justin - be sure to include your Team ID with each request. Thank you!
  • TROUBLE LOGGING INTO SOCCER.COM?  If you are at the Soccer.com site but cannot access the "REV MODULE" you must REFER TO THE LINK PROVIDED TO YOU IN THE ORIGINAL EMAIL. This is the only way you will get to the Dakota REV order page. If you do not have your original email, contact Justin.

FALL TEAMS: Quick Timeframe to Order Uniforms

Confirm Every Fall Player has a Unique Jersey Number:  

  • Check your assigned jersey number on the Rosters/Commitment page.
  • If you NOT been assigned a number, please Email Justin ASAP, and no later than Wed, Aug 7th with a number that is not currently assigned to your team
  • If your team is assigned ODD numbers, then choose an odd number; If EVEN numbers, choose an even number.

"When Do Fall Players Order Uniforms?"

  • VERY SOON but not until all Fall player numbers are assigned for both Select and Competitive teams.
  • In time, parents will receive an online link to order your player's uniform pieces.
  • Uniform orders will shitp directly to your home/office preference.
  • REMIINDER: Fall U9-10s get a simple T-shirt, shorts, socks uniform to wear fall season only.

"When Do Summer '14 Players Order Uniforms?"

  • By late summer, Justin will be in contact with Summer '14 players to order online.

"What if my child is on a U9 or U10 team for Fall?"

  • You will not receive an email from soccer.com to order uniforms because your child's uniform was included in your registration and will be ordered by the club
  • If you would like to order other items for your player (backpacks, warmups, spiritwear, etc.) please Email Justin.
  • In your email be sure to include Team and Player Name and you will be set up in soccer.com to order