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Equipment: Bags, Flags, Pugs, Balls, First Aid

Alan Lopez

Alan Lopez

Equipment Manager

Equipment: Start of Spring/Summer Season

  • At the annual REV coaches' meeting, Alan will schedule a "Ball, Bag, Flag & First Aid Kit Pickup" night for coaches to get their equipment.
  • Coaches and Mangers, please check your garage and trunk for flags and equipment prior to picking up a new set.
  • If you need an equipment bag and have not been contacted by Alan, please Email him.

Returning Equipment at end of Summer / start of Fall Season

If you are NOT coaching in the fall, over the winter months OR next summer...

Please check your garage and trunk and return any Dakota REV equipment:  bags, first aid kits, puggs, and flags to Alan by dropping them off at summer team formations

If you will be coaching a subsequent season (i.e., fall or next summer), keep your equipment and flags to use for your fall team but please Email Allan with your intentions.

If you are NOT coaching in the fall, but plan to coach next summer, return the flags and First Aid Kit for refresh during summer team formations.