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REV Team Managers

The Manager's job is vital to the success of your team's upcoming season.  Managing is a lot of work, but there are resoures in place, and other REV managers willing to help as needed.

This Page is just for Managers!  All Managers should begin by familiarizing yourself with the information and links found on this page. And, be sure to check out the Club Timeline in order to better understand REVs order of events and deadlines in relation to the soccer calendar year.

Before all else, the first order for all REV Coaches and Managers is to comply with the following criticial requirements by the club and MYSA:

National Background Check      Concussion  Training


Why Are Team Managers Needed?
Manager's Responsibilities
Club Timeline:  Order of Events




  • Winter Training Opportunities
  • Indoor Venue Rental


Why are Team Managers Needed?

Mangers are a vital part of a successful traveling team.

Managers handle all administrative duties to allow the coaching staff to train players and coach games.

Managers are the communications liaison between the parents, coach(es), REV administrators and coordinators, and tournament directors.

General Manager Responsibilities

Managers handle all pre-season duties.

Mangers collaborate with team parents and coach(es) to select tournaments, and manage all aspects of each tournament from start to finish. Follow each tournament’s website for specific directions on registering, payment options, and team check-in requirements.

Managers maintain the team budget and finances.

Managers map out the season and keep everyone informed as the season progresses. Maintaining a public calendar online is helpful for keeping everyone notified.

Managers assist the coach(es) before and after each home and away league game, and handle team check in at tournaments.

Report game scores via MYSAs website after each league game, home or away. At the start of the season, you will receive instructions on how to register scores online.  You will need a user name and password to be provided by MYSA.  You will receive this information at your MYSA age group meeting.

Finally, wrapping up the season.

Club Timeline

A summer season begins with Tryouts in early August.  After team rosters are announced, the season technically begins with either the start of Fall League for U9-U14 teams, or for the older teams that participate in the MN State High School programs, November indoor winter training marks the start of the season.  To better understand the order of events in a summer travel season, check out the Club Timeline.

Pre-Season Duties

MANDATORY NATIONAL BACKGROUND CHECK — Prior to any team activity, all Team Leaders (Managers, Coaches and Asst. Coaches) must register with the National Background check.  This is required annualy based on the soccer year, August through July.  U9-U14 Team Leaders that registered for the Background Check for the previous fall season DO NOT have to re-register for the upcoming summer season.  To register, go to: Background Check. The User ID and Password are the same each season:  MYSDKT

MANDATORY CONCUSSION TRAINING — All REV Team Leaders are required to take the CDC Concussion Training and submit your certificate upon completion.  This is requred every three years.  Go to: Concussion Policy.

ATTEND REQUIRED MEETINGS — Annual MYSA Team Rep. and League scheduling meeting, Team parent meetings, etc. These meetings will be updated on the club calendar and posted as information comes available.

PLAYOFFS / REGIONALS / STATE TOURNAMENT — U11 and older  teams:  Be sure to indicate your team's intention to participate in year-end League Playoffs, Regionals and the MN State Tournament by the posted deadlines.  You will have access to this feature when you receive your log-in information from MYSA at the start of the season.

Manage Team Budget and Finances

TEAM BUDGET — With parental input, the Manager will create a budget, and manage it throughout the season, including any revisions.

OPEN A TEAM CHECKING ACCOUNT — Rather than writing checks out of your own checking account and using your personal credit card to pay for tournaments, look into opening a team checking account with checks and Debit card to manage your team’s finances. Most banks will offer free or inexpensive accounts to non-profit teams.

TEAM FUNDRAISING — If a priority, plan, organize and help establish fundraisers for your team.  REV teams must be granted pre-approval from the REV Board prior to the onset of any fundraising activities.  Once approved, team fundraisers may be advertised on the club website. Contact Scott with details on your fundraiser.

Uniforms, Warm Ups, Backpacks, etc.

UNIFORMS AND "EXTRAS" —  All club uniforms, warm ups, backpacks, extra socks or shorts, etc. will be ordered online through Each player is responsible for attending a uniform fitting, writing down your preferred sizes, and then ordering your uniform kits online. Dawn & Mike Anderson will provide your team with a log-in code to access the REV order site.

Game Cancellation:  Policy and Procedures

AWAY GAME CANCELLATION — Contact opposing team coach or manager, provide an explanation as to why the game must be rescheduled and agree on a couple of alternative dates and times. Please allow plenty of lead time to resolve the scheduling issue.

  • The home team will start the on line game change with MYSA.  Once you receive the game change notification e-mail from MYSA, log into your account and accept the change.
  • If you are unable to come to an agreement on a date for a rescheduled game, the coach will need to contact your assigned District Director.
  • Finally, notify your team members of the schedule change!

HOME GAME CANCELLATION — Contact the opposing team coach or manager, provide an explanation as to why the game must be rescheduled and agree on a couple of alternative dates and times. Please allow enough time to prevent last minute issues.

  • Contact Mike Guillou, REV referee coordinator, to cancel the referees for the originally scheduled evening.
  • Contact Michael Pawlicki, REV field coordinator, to arrange for a field, providing several date and time options, and the age of your players to be assigned an appropriate-sized field.
  • Confirm final arrangements with opposing Coach/Manager.
  • Log into your MYSA team account and complete the game change form.  Once the visitor accepts the change on line, the change is official.  Once it is official, then the refs get rescheduled.  If you have not received the ACCEPTED e-mail from MYSA within a couple of days, please follow up with the opposing Coach/Manager so the change can become finalized.
  • If you are unable to come to an agreement on a date for a rescheduled game, the coach will need to contact the appropriate Boys or Girls District Director through the MYSA site.
  • Finally, notify your team members of the schedule change!

When Critical Issues Arise

When a team refuses to play a game against another team, they will forfeit the game and be assessed a fine. This team will then be ineligible for post-season play.  All rescheduled summer league games must be completed by the official end of the MYSA Summer season.

Post-Season Responsibilities


END-OF-SEASON TEAM PARTY — With the help of other parents, plan a fun season-ending party for your players, team leaders and/or parents.

RETURN YOUR COACH EQUIPMENT — Dakota REV equipment bags, flags and first aid kits will be collected by Tenner Thompson, Dakota REV equipment manager.  Refer to the Equipment information page.

Referee Info:

League Info:

Referees should be at the field 30 minutes before kick off.  They have pre game procedures and need the time to check the field, check in the players and do their pre game briefing.  If all 3 refs (or 1 for u9/10 games) are not at your field 25 minutes before kick off, please call or text Mike at 612-709-0137.  Please include your team and field info.  This will give Mike time to attempt to contact the refs or attempt to find an alternate ref if necessary.

The following link is the schedule link from the referee system.  This is not your official MYSA schedule, but what the referees are seeing and how they are being assigned.  If this is different than your MYSA schedule, then there is a potential issue.  Please e-mail Mike with your game number and he will follow up.

Referee issues.  Managers and coaches can provide feedback on the referees after the game.  This is done after logging in the MYSA site with the info that you received at the team rep meeting.  It is recommended that you wait a day before making comments so you can rethink about the game.  Also please discuss with your coach before posting any negative comments.  REV does use these comments and has several referee mentors to work with refs.


Scrimmage Info:

REV does not provide referees for scrimmages.  Pay to the refs is made by the teams/managers before the game.  If you would like Mike to assist you in finding referess for your scrimmage, please e-mail MikeIf you have questions about scrimmage refs, please e-mail or call, 612-709-0137.