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Sublease Scrimmage & Training Space

Lisa Wolf

Lisa Wolf

Director of Administration

Phone: 763-607-4762


Looking for a Facility?
Under the Fields/Venues tab, check out Winter Venues for facillity information including Addresses, Maps and REV training schedules.

Subleases: Buy and Sell Practice and Scrimmage Space

REV teams with specific dates within their winter contracts that they cannot use may be posted for sublease in order to retain full or partial fees, allowing other REV teams to use that time.

Teams that are selling dates from their REV contract are encouraged to consider picking up available dome space listed below.

Email Scott if your team has Team Training Space to sell. Include: date, time, location, field size and location within the dome, price.

Available Team Training Space

To post your space for sublease:
E-mail Scott To post your space for sublease.

To purchase space from other REV teams:
To purchase training space from another team, please contact the manager as noted below to make arrangements for payment. You will pay the manager directly.

After your space has been sold, be sure to E-mail Scott to have it removed from this page.


Irish Sports Dome:

Community of  Hope Gym:


West St Paul Dome: