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Referee & Pay Policy

Mike Guillou

Mike Guillou

Referee Assignor

Phone: 612-709-0137

GO Pay

Set up instructions for GOPay. Sign up through your GameOfficials account. You will need to complete this to receive payment.

Expectations & Requirements


Expectations & Requirements of ALL REV Referees:  

All referees must abide by the Club’s Expectations and Requirements.  REV reserves the right not to assign you for games and/or to remove you from games that you have already been assigned to for failure to abide by these Expectations and Requirements.  These apply to ALL REV referees, irrespective of age or experience level.

Mandatory Attendance at all games for which you are scheduled:  

If you fail to show up to a game that you have been assigned without contacting the Club’s Referee Assignor and/or without due cause, you may be removed from future assignments.  If you find a sub for your game, you must notify the Club's Referee Assignor before the game.

Arrive at each game with proper attire and equipment:  

All refs will wear proper refereeing attire: official referee (Yellow primary, recommend green as backup) shirt, black footwear and black shorts (no stripes and proper length, short shorts or basketball shorts are not appropriate) and no jewelery.  You also need to bring a whistle, flags, cards, a reliable stop watch, etc.  The Club reserves the right to remove refs from future assignments of any referee who consistently fails to wear the proper attire or bring the necessary equipment.

Arrive at each game 30 minutes before the scheduled start time:  

All officials will arrive at the field a minimum of 30 minutes before kick-off, ready to check the teams in and start the game on-time.  If you are running late, please notify the other referees assigned to the game.  If you do not have their contact info, call or text Mike, 612-709-0137 (if texting, please include your name and what game you will be late for).  If you arrive late and a replacement has been called in, you will not be paid for that game.  The Club reserves the right to remove refs from future assignments who consistently fails to arrive in timely manner.

Exhibit professionalism at all times:  

Professionalism includes your attitude and demeanor on the field, the manner in which you interact with players, coaches and spectators, and also such matters as only taking the monies due to you and informing the Referee Assigner or other club official of any known conflict of interest [e.g., refereeing a close friend or family member].

After Game Report:  

ALL refs, including ARs need to complete in GameOfficials for league games.  After your game, go to “After Games” and click on the Game Number.  This will bring you to a new screen.  You will need to enter the Final Score and then answer the Game Summary Information questions.  These are three Yes/No questions and you just click the box.  If any of the questions are YES, please type a comment in the Summary Notes To Admin Users.  You can also type a comment in this section to report any concerns that I should be aware of, such as holes in the nets, marginal field conditions, issues with coaches, fans or players or other comments. Failure to do this WILL delay your pay.  If someone else has already completed it, please verify that the info is correct an then click save.


Pay Policy

  1. Officials receive the match fee if:
    They abandon a match because one or both teams fail to appear at the game site within fifteen minutes after the scheduled starting time or;
    A match begins and officials terminate the match prior to completion.
  2. Officials receive no match fee if they are given notice more than sixty minutes before the scheduled start time that the match has been cancelled.
  3. Payment for all games will be processed through GoPay.  For the REV-It-Up tournament, the pay will be processed after the  weekend.  For summer league, there will be three pay periods, the end of May, June and end of season.  For fall league, there is one pay period at the end of the season.
  4. Pay is processed through GOPay in GameOfficials.  If you have not signed up for GOPay, your pay will be held.  If you have not completed your profile in GameOfficials, including your SSN (or proveded a W-9), your pay will be held.

The referee pay scale is in GameOfficials. Please log in to view the current pay scale.  Grade 7s that have passed an assessment and higher refs do receive a 10% bonus for league games.