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MYSA Summer Travel League U9-U18

Lisa Wolf

Lisa Wolf

Director of Administration, Registrar & Controller





Player's Required Paperwork

At the start of each new season, team managers will collect the following forms from each player:

  • MYSA Medical Release The Medical Release MUST BE NOTARIZED ONLY if your team will be traveling out of state, and/or participating in State Cup. At the start of Fall League, a new form is required with updated medical and contact information.
  • Photocopy of player’s birth certificate
  • Signed Parent Code of Conduct Pledge
  • Member Pass photos will be taken at an early practice
  • When Member Passes are available to managers, players are required to sign their Member Pass before the cards are laminated.

About MYSA Summer Travel League

MYSA travel soccer allows players the opportunity to develop a higher level of play, and to compete against players from around the region. As a result, travel soccer involves a greater commitment than participating in a local in-house or recreational program.

Summer League play begins in early May and runs through the MYSA State Tournament in late July. 

Summer League involves travel to other cities for weeknight games. Teams also participate in a number of weekend tournaments during the season.  Tournaments can be local, regional, or outside the state of Minnesota.
Dakota REV home games are played on fields in the Rosemount-Apple Valley area. Away games are often in neighboring cities, but can involve travel of up to an hour or more depending on the teams assigned to your League.

The goal of Dakota REV is to make our teams highly competitive and at the same time make this an enjoyable experience for all Players, Parents and Team Leaders. This means that players need to be committed to all practices, games and scheduled weekend tournaments.

During the summer season, teams typically practice 2-3 times per week until the start of the season. After League begins, teams will generally practice 2 times per week in addition to any scheduled games. Weekend tournaments are scheduled upon the agreement of the player's parents and their coaches.

Players are expected to attend all practices, games and tournaments unless their coaches have excused them. Missing practices or games to participate in other activities is not considered an excused absence, except for previously scheduled church and school activities (i.e., music, band, and sports) already in progress at the beginning of Summer League.

Team Leaders should be notified at least two weeks in advance of any planned family vacations. This advance warning will give coaches ample time to secure players from a lower age or division level to serve as substitutes on the team, if necessary.

Notifying the coach of family vacations and absences is particularly important. Notification before league play begins is preferable, as it provides a chance to reschedule league games, if necessary.

In order to maximize the amount of each player's playing time, team size is reduced to an optimum amount. Due to the minimum number of players on each team, it is imperative that each player and his or her parents have the necessary commitment to traveling soccer. Failure to attend practices, games and weekend tournaments places an unfair and unnecessary burden on the players who are attending on a regular basis, and to their parents who have made financial and time commitment to your team.

Keep in mind that a commitment to Dakota REV Soccer Club Summer League begins with Team Formations in August and ends the following July after the MYSA State Tournament.