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Submit Your Team Photos & Captions

Scott Swedal

Scott Swedal

Board Member

Phone: 651-270-8631

Send Us Your Best "REV" Photos!

Not all photos submitted have to be "formal team line-ups." We want to show off the kiddos having fun on and off the field!  Send us your very best pics of smiling players, groups of friends in REV attire, awesome action shots, etc.

And, we want to feature your team's tournament and league accomplishments in the REV Photo Gallery.

Instructions to submit a Photo:
Email Your photo and Caption to Scott Swedal
Or, attach image to your Email with caption and send to:

Be sure to include:

  • Gender, age, classification
  • Team Name
  • Name of Tournament or Event
  • Dates
  • Names of Players and Team Leaders - back to front, left to right
  • Don't forget to mention team members not in the photo