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Mandatory MYSA Team Rep. Meetings

Lisa Wolf

Lisa Wolf

Director of Administration, Registrar and Controller

Season Starting Mandatory MYSA Competitive Team Rep. Meeting

MYSA Competitive Team Rep Meeting is Online
For Summer and Fall there are preseason meetings and training with the managers and representitives of each team.  The goal of these meetings is to inform members of any changes in rules or precedures for the upcoming season.  

The Summer Season is generally held in mid-Apri

The Fall Season is generally held in late August

MYSA has recently made these meeting online so it is important to watch for details from the District your team is part of.

Determine your team's District assignment
Most, but not all REV teams are assigned to the South District for summer league play. To confirm your team's District assignment, go to the Formations/Seeds tab at the MYSA Competitive link

As the Team Rep., you will receive your team's MYSA information packet AND your team's initial game schedule.  After completing the online meeting portion of the package,  the team reps. in your age group/level will reschedule any games that conflict with thier schedules.  In order to make th isporcess move smoothly it is wise to know our age group's play nights, and build a list of any dates that will not work for your team to schedule games.

The MYSA team packet typically includes:

  • Official MYSA Team Roster
  • Initial League Schedule
  • Ejected Participant Report - Red Card form
  • Coach Contact Info. - Coach & manager contact info for the other teams in your district age group/level of play
  • Promotional gift from MYSA - pass holder, notebook, etc...
  • A unique MYSA web log-in user name, password and instructions for:
    • Managers to report league game scores
    • Handling game reschedules, if needed
    • Declaring your team's intention to particiapate in League Playoffs.