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Team Web Pages + FAQ

Scott Swedal

Scott Swedal

Board Member

Phone: 651-270-8631



Questions about using NGIN team pages?

The following two links are very helpful if you have questions about setting up, or maintaining your team page.  Start with these two resources, and if you still have questions, contact Scott.

NGIN Team Managers' Manual

Click link for answers on how to set up and maintain all the features available for you with your NGIN Team Page.

NGIN Knowledge Base

SportNgin Knowledge Base is available for broader searches beyond the information available in the Manager's search base.

Managers Can Maintain their Team Web Page

Each REV team has the option to maintain their own Dakota REV team web page.  This is handled by allowing team managers ADMIN access to their team page.

Schedules, statistics, photos, season calendar, Email blasts and other information that can potentially change throughout the season can easily be posted on your team web page for all team members and parents to access at any time.

HOW TO REQUEST ADMIN ACCESS TO YOUR TEAM PAGE — Prior to requesting Admin access to your team page, managers are required to "Create an Account" in NGIN and then "Join Dakota REV" network.

  • Go to REVs home page
  • Click on "Create an Account" link at upper left of the REV web site.
  • Confirm that you have created this account through an Email sent to your affiliated Email address
  • Log into Dakota REV website
  • Click "Become a Member" (upper left gray area)
  • After you have joined Dakota REV, then you have a profile that can be linked to your team page. 

To request Admin access to your team page, please Amy.  Include your Team ID# and your coaches last name.

TEAM PAGES: Frequently Asked Questions

"I use Team Snap, or another 3rd Party team management program so Why do I need Access to My REV Team Page?"

Many REV teams subscribe to Team Snap, or other Team management programs for the ease and functionality. However, other teams just starting out may not want the annual expense associated with a 3rd party management tool.  In which case, managers have the option to manage their team communications through their NGIN team page.

All REV managers are given access to their team pages primarily so that I know as the Web Coordinator that each manager has successfully set up an NGIN profile.

Managers will automatically receive ADMIN status for your team page(s), and you can do whatever you want with your REV team page with the exception of deleting the page.

The information and tab naming system provided with your team page must remain intact and cannot be changed or deleted.

A few suggestions for usnig your team page:

  • Use it to post photos from tournaments and other fun team events. Kids love photos! and it's an easy way for them to "grab" the photo to load it to their Facebook pages.
  • You can manage stats and other stuff, if that's your deal
  • Use it to send out Team Emails, after you load the Emails for each player (Sorry Emails are not loaded for Summer '12 players since player registration happened on the OLD website system.  The data transfer was too complex.)
  • If you don't use Team Snap, then the NGIN calendar is pretty convenient. Certainly not like TS, but functional.
  • Add the link from your Team Snap account to your NGIN team page for double access to TS.
  • Or, do nothing. It's totally up to you. 

If you have any questions, please contact Scott.