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Required Preseason Paperwork

REV Soccer Club Forms

Player Paperwork, Photos and MYSA Member Passes

It's never too early to start gathering the necessary paperwork from your players.  At an early team practice (Fall, or at the start of November winter training for the upcoming Summer), managers should begin collecting forms from your players. Organize all player paperwork in a 3-ring binder using 3-hole punched, plastic sheet protectors. 

MYSA Medical Relase Form

Each player must submit a completed MYSA Medical Release form prior to the start of the season. Medical Release forms should be on-site at all games and are required at the time of check-in for all tournaments.  To ensure updated medical information, a new form is required from each player at the start of each season.

NOTE:  Medical Release forms MUST BE NOTARIZED if your team will be:

  • Traveling out of state

Birth Certificate

Collect a photocopy of each player’s birth certificate. Medical Release forms and Birth Certificates should be on-site at all league games, and are required at check-in for all tournaments. Again, check with each of your tournament’s check in guidelines for specifics.

***TIP***Use one plastic sleeve for each players' Medical Release form and Birth Certificate.  Put the two forms back-to-back in the plastic sleeve with the Medical Release at the front.

Dakota REV Parent Code of Conduct Pledge

Dakota REV Parents are required to read, sign and adhere to the Parent Code of Conduct Pledge throughout the season.  Signed forms are given to the team manager.

Member Pass

Taking Player Photos and instructions on Laminiating passes:

  • Bring a digital camera to an early team practice and take photos of each player, coach and manager.
  • Print photos approximately 1" square, cut out pictures and affix to each pass with glue or double-sided tape matching player pic with the name on their pass.
  • At a practice, have each player and team leader sign their pass BEFORE they are laminated
  • Passes must be laminated.   Staples and Office Max will run them on a big sheet.  Be sure to leave enough space between the passes to allow for at least a ¼-inch sealed border around each card. Passes need to be fully laminated and sealed properly to last throughout the season.
  • Use a hole-punch to pop a hole in each pass at the same corner on each card. Thread the passes on a secure ring in order by last name. 
  • Attach an identification card to the ring including Team Leader(s) cell phone numbers in case passes are lost or the refs walk off with them.