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Game Assignments

How to Get Game Assignments

In order to receive game assignemnts, you need to complete the following:

  • Complete the Minnesota State Referee Committee certification process.  This is an annual requirement and your certificiation is good for the calendar year.
  • Set up an account in Game Officials and join the DKT Group.
  • Have provided a Concussion Certificate within the past three years.
  • If 18 (or turning 18 during the season) complete the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association background check.  This is an annual requirement based on the soccer year, August to July.  MYSA can be slow in processing and your name needs to be on MYSA list to be assigned games.  I would recommend doing this before the season starts instead of waiting until the week before.
  • Update your League/Tournament Preferences in GameOfficials for the type of games you would like to referee (Summer League, Fall League, Tournament or Scrimmages).  This is reset at the end of the season, so you must complete this each year.

If you do not complete all of the above steps, you will not be assigned games.  The sooner you are able to compete the above steps the better.  If you wait until league starts or a couple days before the tournament starts before completing, most game will already have been assigned and there will be only a few games availalbe.

Below is more information on each of the different refereeing opportunities for REV and how the games are assigned.


REV It Up tournament is the third weekend in May (tentative 2016 dates are May 20-22).  For this tournament, I assign games based on when you are available.  You will need to update your availability by clicking on the My Availability tab in GameOffiicals.  This will bring you to a calendar, click on the specific day to add availability.  You will need to mark as "AVAILABLE."  Select the option Applies to REV, otherwise other groups may see that you are available and assign you some games.

For the tournament, if you are not listed as AVAILABLE, I can not see your name to assign games to.

I do attempt to honor special requests if you want to work as a ref crew with your friends or if you request positions or ages.  However, the more restrictive your request, the less games that are available to you, which will potentially reduce the number of games assigned to you.

TEST GAME - Verify that you are set up correctly.  

  1. Update My Preferences, then League/Tournament Preferences and select REV It Up and click on Save.
  2. Update your availability to show that you ARE available on 5/20/2016 for the REV group.
  3. Click on Self Assign, Game Filters, select 5/20/2016 and then Reload.
  4. Click on Request Game.

If can not see the test game after taking the above steps, you are not set up properly.  Please contact Mike to check your account.  If you wait until the week of the tournament, I will be busy and will probably not be able to correct before assigning games, which could result in you not being assigned any tournament games.


For scrimmages, REV does not pay for the refs.  Pay is between the teams and the refs.  If a coach request that I help find a ref for their scrimmage, I will upload it into GameOfficials and then the refs can requst the game by using the Self Assign feature.  For this, I generally use the first to request to assign the game as long as the requesting ref is qualified for the level of the game.

To be able to sign up for these games and to receive the e-mails, about openings, check the Scrimmages under the League/Tournament Preferences.

League Games

Summer League starts usually the last Monday in April or the first Monday in May and Fall League starts the first weekend after Labor Day.

About one to two weeks before league starts, I receive the schedule.  I will then open the system up for game requests, which is under the Self Assign menu.  Click on the Request Game button by the game that you would like to referee.  When I am assigning, I will be able to see your request.  However, there could be several other refs also requesting the game.  Although I can see the request order, there are other factors that go into assigning.  We don't form our soccer teams based on time of registration, and I do not assign ref crews based on time of request.  Since this is a traveling league and more competitive than community soccer, I do look at the experience level of the refs that are requesting the game.

If you requested a game and it was not assigned to you, please remove your request.  Having open request can limit your options for other games during the time of the requested game.

For MYSA League Games, you have two options:

  • REV- South - games are in the Apple Valley/Rosemount area
  • REV-East - games are in the West St. Paul/Mendota Heights area