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Player Evaluations - due July 15th

Tobbe Thorsell

Tobbe Thorsell

Director of Soccer Operations

Phone: 651-208-1957

Player Evaluation Procedure

All REV coaches are expected to communicate with each of their players 2-3 times during the season (Nov-July) regarding their status.  Final player evaluations are due to the club by July 15 by downloading the following Excel form.  Instructions for final player evaluations are below:

  • Recommended that player ranking is finalized on paper first
  • Complete Sections A, B and optional C
  • Email final document to Lisa Wolf at
  • Final documents must be received by July 15
  • In your Email to Lisa, use the following subject line format:
    Example: Player Evaulation GU11.C2(4) Linde / McGahn